2021 CHS Energy Spring Roadshow

Event Schedule

Monday, March 15th

9:00 AM CST – CHS Hedging

CHS Hedging will help make sense of current refined fuels and propane markets and preview what to expect in the coming months. They will discuss practical hedging tools and how to leverage seasonals in an effective energy risk management program.

10:00 AM CST – Propane

Discover the impact of propane becoming a global commodity and how it may change domestic industry behaviors. Hear from a panel of industry experts on how to prepare for the uncertainty of next year’s heating season and what is driving the changing fundamentals. Speakers will focus on the anticipated impact of supply, risk, and sales.

11:00 AM CST – Propane Powered

CHS Propane strives to continually add value to your business by helping you grow gallons. Find out how the CHS Propane-Powered™ rebate program offers you the potential to fund investments in autogas and other propane technologies. Hear how one marketer grows their gallons with the Propane-Powered Rebate program. Learn how to take advantage of the program for your company.

Tuesday, March 16th

9:00 AM CST – Transportation

CHS Transportation and Logistics is committed to providing customized solutions through industry-leading technology platforms, superior expertise and service, and safe, efficient transport of bulk liquid, petroleum, liquefied petroleum (LP) gas and dry goods.

10:00 AM CST – Lubricants

Learn how to leverage the 2021 Equipment Cost Share Program to capture new end-user customers and retain them using the new Bulk Tank Refresh Program. Hear from two Cenex® Lubricant sales experts on how to use these programs and other CHS offerings to be your customers’ preferred choice. 

11:00 AM CST – AquaFighter

AquaFighter is high tech filter that removes water from diesel farm tanks. Tune in to this session to see a live demo with the creator and inventor of AquaFighter using the product in diesel fuel that is clouded.

Wednesday, March 17th

10:00 AM CST – Energy Equipment (GPI)

Hear from GPI Brian Fedro as he discusses GPI’s new G20 and V25 modular design pumps, meter and components, their Warranty and how to successfully trouble shoot common pump and meter issues.

11:00 AM CST – Refined Fuels

Learn how to utilize the “Market Sight” tool to visually market gas and diesel fuel on a local level. Customers now have the ability to deliver historical and forward price graphics to their end users via customer facing technology. “Market Sight” combines local terminal fuel prices with customer costs to quickly and accurately market to an end user.

Thursday, March 18th

10:00 AM CST – Propane Safety

Gain valuable insights into the safe handling of propane from Ken Mueller, a safety expert with more than 30 years in the industry. Discover new developments in First Responder Training as well as important safety equipment being used in the industry.

This session qualifies for your company to use a $100 reimbursement per attendee (up to $1,000 per company) as part of the CHS Propane Safety Reimbursement Program.

11:00 AM CST – Energy Equipment

Learn about the benefits of using built in Dielectric Regulators and Flex Risers for residential propane tank installation. These products are newer to the propane market and not only can they save installers both time and money, they also provide additional safety and security features.

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